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American soldiers and their children who died in Quebec during the War of 1812

While reading Vicky Lapointe’s blog, Quebec City’s history and its region, I came across a year-old post that made me realize that publishing burial information, in the hope a distant relative will learn about it, is not new. Even some people in the … Continue reading


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Quebec City’s J.A. Moisan worth a visit

If you plan to visit Quebec City this year, add the J.A. Moisan fine food shop to your must-see list. Founded in 1871, the shop may be the oldest grocery store in North America. Current owner Clément Saint-Laurent has turned the upstairs … Continue reading

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Quebec City’s historical society gives its website a new look

Quebec City’s historical society, La Société historique de Québec, has given its website a facelift. While the website could still publish much more information, it has a fresh, clean look and the menu has been simplified. Now that the society … Continue reading

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Online resources about the Irish in Quebec

In addition to the usual sources, such as census records, births, marriages and deaths, and city directories, there are other resources that can help us with our family research. Here are some online resources that may help you gain a better … Continue reading

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