Toronto Public Library offers book printing service

Yesterday, I was intrigued by a news release about the Toronto Public Library’s new venture to provide a book printing service, Asquith Press, that will enable “customers to design and print bookstore-quality paperback books.” The library is offering information sessions and classes open to all: from authors and aspiring writers to anyone who would like to create a book for their own personal interest. “Novels, cookbooks, family histories, memoirs and how-to guides are just a few examples of what can now be printed at the library.”

People of all ages and skill levels will apparently be able to print their own books on site at the Toronto Reference Library. This service provides all sorts of opportunities for family historians from creating copies of an old autograph book to share with family members to reproducing a child’s artwork for grandparents to publishing a family history.

Jane Pyper, City Librarian at Toronto Public Library said, “For the first time ever, we’re able to print books right here at the library. We’re excited to offer this service to everyone – authors, aspiring authors and hobbyists – and to see their books come off the press. Asquith Press is the latest in a series of innovations that we’re introducing to give Toronto residents access to new technologies.”

I think I’m jealous.


About Gail Dever

Gail Dever is a Montreal-based genealogist and blogger and a webmaster for the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa.
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3 Responses to Toronto Public Library offers book printing service

  1. Susan Gingras Calcagni says:

    Well isn’t this a nifty idea!. Let’s hope many will be inspired!

  2. Andrew King says:

    Whomever wrote the original article for CBC did NOT do their research on Toronto publishing prices. What the Library is charging: $15 for a black and white 150-page book, is not affordable at all in Toronto. It is an outrageously expensive quote when you think about it. Authors RE-SELL the books they publish for $15 retail, or less…so quite obviously it is not the price they print it for, unless you want to believe that all indie authors are losing money on their products, and this is some kind of a “hobby” for them… If you call around, you will find pricing for this size of a book is more like $8.75, or less!!…and someone else is doing the work for you. It is misleading of the CBC to imply this investment the library made and price they offer is any kind of a good deal. If you need a book printer, contact, a portion of their proceeds goes to Sick Kids Hospital, and they are far less expensive than the library. CBC was using Staples for their pricing comparison…Staples is not a publisher. What a silly article…even the machine they bought is overpriced by $28,000, and it came out of tax dollars, which is another rant for another day entirely.

    • Gail Dever says:

      The Toronto Public Library news release suggests the books are for personal use, not for selling. Thanks for sharing the tip about Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital. (I have not read the CBC news report, so cannot comment on that.)

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