Queen’s University launches digitzed records of more than 1,000 Kingston-area families

Queen's University logoQueen’s University Archives in Kingston, Ontario announced the public launch of digitized family files from the second addition of the Dr. Herbert Clarence Burleigh fonds. Through the Burleigh Family and in collaboration with Internet Archive in Toronto, the genealogical research on more than 1,000 families with roots in the Kingston area that was amassed by Dr. Burleigh is available online.

These genealogical files relate mainly to Bay of Quinte and Loyalist families and contain correspondence, research from printed sources, newspaper clippings, and some photographs.

According to Queen’s website, “Dr. Herbert Clarence Burleigh, a general practitioner and local historian in Bath, Ontario, was born on 6 October 1893 at Hartington, Ontario and died on 13 September 1980. Dr. Burleigh was 〈a〉 descendent of United Empire Loyalists. He attended Sydenham High School, 1910-1913 and during the First World War served with the Number 7 Canadian General (Queen’s) Hospital. Following his medical studies at Queen’s, (1920 – 1926) Dr. Burleigh practiced medicine in the United States until 1935 when he returned to Canada so that his children might be raised and educated in his homeland. That year he established a private medical practice in Bath, Ontario.”

The original accession of the H.C. Burleigh fonds was donated to the Queen’s University Archives by the family of Dr. Burleigh in 1981 shortly after his death. This second accession, which arrived in 1997, consists of the records that were retained by the family. The records were well used by the family, especially by Dr. Burleigh’s daughter, the late Diane MacKinnon. Mrs. MacKinnon added her own work to these files so while the bulk of the material seems to be from her father’s work, there is a good deal of material of more recent vintage too.

Queen’s collaboration with Internet Archive is a fortuitous one for family history researchers, and let’s hope we see similar arrangements in the near future.


About Gail Dever

Gail Dever is a Montreal-based genealogist and blogger and a webmaster for the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa.
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2 Responses to Queen’s University launches digitzed records of more than 1,000 Kingston-area families

  1. Thank you so much for the information. I’m always looking for more information about records from the Kingston area. I would like to post to my Family History Hound page if that’s ok with you? I will credit you for the information.
    Ellen Thompson-Jennings

    • Gail Dever says:

      Glad you liked the info. Yes, you may post. If you plan to publish the blog post, please only provide the link or a small portion of the post with a link to the original post. As bloggers, we like people to visit our site. If people re-publish the entire post, no one will need to visit the original post, and that is plagiarism. Thank you for crediting my blog.

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