More books about the Irish in Quebec

Further to yesterday’s post, Books about the Irish in Quebec, here are a few more books.

Burns, Patricia. The Shamrock and the Shield: An Oral History of the Irish in Montreal. Montreal, Véhicule Press, 2005. Many of these stories are about the Irish who grew up in Griffintown.

O’Gallagher, Marianna. Grosse Ile: Gateway to Canada 1832-1937. Sainte-Foy, Quebec: Carraig Books, 1984. Maps, copies of original documents, and photos illustrate this book, and a list showing the particulars of 600 adoptions is included.

O’Gallagher, Marianna and Rose Masson Dompierre. Eyewitness Grosse Isle 1847. Sainte-Foy, Quebec: Livres Carraig Books, 1995. This book includes letters of missionaries, correspondence between religious and civil authorities, newspaper articles, Catholic and Anglican registers, a list of passenger ships coming to Quebec, and reports of the Executive Council of Lower Canada. It is available in French: Les témoins parlent – Grosse Île 1847.

Southam, Peter. Irish Settlement and National Identity in the Lower St. Francis Valley. Richmond, St. Patrick’s Society of Richmond & Vicinity, January 2012. This book describes 200 years of Irish presence in the Lower St. Francis Valley, a section of the Eastern Townships that surrounds the Town of Richmond.


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Gail Dever is a Montreal-based genealogist and blogger and a webmaster for the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa.
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