Google redesigns news archive

Google has redesigned its main newspaper archive page, making it easier to search. Hundreds of newspapers are now organized by title on the main page. As before, you can search within the paper, check issues from specific dates, and browse page by page. Since the OCR (optical character recognition) is far from perfect, I often browse page by page, especially when looking for an obituary. Yes, browsing can be tedious, but it so much easier than travelling to a library or archival centre to look at microfilm.

Doing a quick search for the Montreal Gazette, I clicked on “M” and discovered the McGill (University) Daily (1915-1943), Montreal Beacon (1940-1941), Montreal Daily News (1887), Montreal Gazette (1878-2006), Montreal Herald (1811-1984), Montreal Record (1978), Montreal Tribune (1910-1913), and the Montreal Weekly Transcript (1842-1872). Under “Q” I found several Quebec City newspapers: Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph (1935-1970), Quebec Daily Evening Mercury (1876-1879), Quebec Daily News (1862-1867), Quebec Evening News (1869-1870), Quebec Herald 1788-1791), Quebec Saturday Budget (1874-1906), Quebec Telegraph (1910-1922), and Le Québec (1889-1920).

Thanks to Lifehacker for posting the news and to Thomas MacEntee for sharing it on Facebook.

Bonnes nouvelles!


About Gail Dever

Gail Dever is a Montreal-based genealogist and blogger and a webmaster for the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa.
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1 Response to Google redesigns news archive

  1. Jim says:

    I was excited to see there was some recent pages from the Quebec telegraph but there is only 2 from 1955. Hope the post more. Thanks for blogging.

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